Monday, January 5, 2009


I happened upon a film on cable, the other day, that caught me eye because I rembered hearing a story about the graphic novel, last year. The movie, Persepolis, is a coming of age film set in Iran during the islamic takeover and the Iran-Iraq war.

This is a very powerful film that really demonstrates the effect that fundamentalism can have upon liberal and moderate religionists, let alone atheists and apostates. The change is most obvious in the beginning of the film when the women go from wearing normal western type clothing to full burkas. While there are examples of fundamentalism on men, it is most notable with the women. They are arrested for dressing inappropriately or being alone with a male when single.

Another point of interest was the constant religious propaganda during the war. It was non-stop even in her grade school. It may have been a contributing factor to the deaths of millions of young boys and men that surrendered their lives for the promises of an afterlife and martyrdom.

Unfortunately, this type of religious bullying is still occurring throughout the world. In Afghanistan, school girls are having acid thrown on them for going to school. Gays in the US having their liberties Unconstitutionally restricted.

Why? These acts and restrictions are the work of religion with a lot of bigotry, hatred, nationalism and thirst for power thrown in for good measure.

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