Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bill Donahue and the Catholic League - Oh the irony!!!

I was browsing the Catholic League's website earlier this evening, something I like to do after a big meal because of its effectiveness as an emetic, and was struck by a particular phrase. The phrase was "gay fascists." I find this ironic on so many levels; Pope Ratzinger was a Hitler youth, fascist Italy was almost entirely Catholic, and the current pope is trying to wedge the church back into the Italian government.

My only guess is that Bill Donahue and the others at the Catholic League have no idea what the definition of fascism is. For their benefit,

"Fascism is a totalitarian nationalist ideology that advocates itself as being a third position alternative to both capitalism and communism. It seeks to form a mass movement of militants who are willing to engage in violence against their political opponents and groups or individuals that the movement deems to be enemies. Fascists wish to solve existing economic, political, and social problems by achieving a millenarian national rebirth by exalting the nation or race as well as promoting cults of unity, strength and purity. Fascism opposes the political ideologies of communismliberalism and conservatism as well as political concepts and systems such as democracyindividualismmaterialismpacifism, and pluralism.

While I do not agree with the methods of these particular activists, the response of the Catholic is wholly dishonest. These activists are not acting as fascists, they are angry because the Catholic church, along with the Mormons, have decided to wage a war on the liberty of American citizens. Who is fascist? The individual citizens that want their Constitutional rights honored or the anti-American churches that are trying to implement their theology as law? 

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